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Pilot Project in Kisii County to Improve Management of Non-Communicable Diseases.

IMG_2836 updateAIHD in partnership with CIGNA International and the County Government of Kisii have launched a pilot project in 2 sub-counties of Kisii County to help improve management of high blood pressure and diabetes. The objectives of this intervention study are:

  • To establish a baseline on the burden of high blood pressure and diabetes in Kisii County.
  • To increase awareness on the burden and impact of high blood pressure and diabetes in Kisii County.
  • To increase the number of people under management of high blood pressure and diabetes.

With Dr Ahmed Ogwell as the project head, AIHD is tasked with the roles of building the capacity of policy makers and health workers at the county level, supporting selected level 3 healthcare facilities in the two sub-counties to be better equipped to diagnose and manage diabetes and high blood pressure. The facilities receive basic equipment for screening, medication, relevant supplies and an orientation of the current MoH guidelines for the management of the conditions. At the same time, AIHD is also supporting community awareness programs in the county on high blood pressure and diabetes. This pilot project is scheduled to take 6 months starting January to June 2018 and is intended to get a good methodology of the objectives. It is also prospected to be scaled up to the whole of Kisii County.

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