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We value relationships with partners working in Health and Development in Kenya and beyond. To this end, AIHD has established networks and works to foster relationships with partners working in the Health and Development sector to combine efforts towards our collective goals. Some of our memberships are:


NCD Alliance of Kenya

AIHD is a founder member and current host of the NCDAK. The Alliance was formally registered as an NGO in 2013 and has 24 member organizations.  The NCDAK’s main objectives are to:

  • identify and align strategies and activities towards eradication of common risk factors and barriers to change the pattern of chronic diseases in Kenya
  • identify and implement strategies and activities for those affected by chronic diseases
  • actively engage in the development and implementation of standards, guidelines, plans and policies
  • conduct research and share knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt
  • Build partnerships with other regional and global networks and mobilize resources for the alliance’s core activities.

In 2015, the NCDAK supported the Government of Kenya in conducting the WHO STEPs Survey and developing the National NCD Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Parliamentary Initiative Network (PIN) Group

The purpose of this forum is to bring together members of parliament, civil society and other key stakeholders to engage in policy dialogue on NCDs in Kenya. The specific objectives are to: (i) bring together the various committees in Parliament including committees on health as well as other key stakeholders to deliberate on NCD policy and action in the country

(ii) Identify policy gaps and challenges on implementing NCD action in Kenya

(iii) Come up with recommendations and ways forward on the NCD agenda in Kenya.             

Consortium for Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa (CNCD-Africa)

The CNCD Africa was established in 2009 with the aim of harnessing strategic partnerships with NCD actors globally in order to spearhead a reduction in NCD risk factors through health promotion, disease prevention, and improved management of NCDs. The CNCD-Africa has 48 members distributed in 24 countries regionally.


The Coalition of Youth Advocates (COYA) is a partnership coalition of 8 CSO’s dealing with different components of advocating for budgetary allocation for NCD interventions among young people. Our tasks and activities include evidence generation on risk factor prevalence and burden, policy review, youth & social mobilisation, stakeholder engagement, county government engagement and budget reviews. AIHD leads the component and activities which include generation of evidence on status of NCD burden in the Nairobi City County. This will be achieved by conducting a situational analysis study of NCD risk factors.

Health NGO’s Network (HENNET)

AIHD is an active member of the Health NGOs Network (HENNET) which was founded in early 2005 as a result of a felt need to set up a forum for NGOs dealing with health issues for purposes of collaboration, sharing of experiences and advocacy. HENNET brings together different health oriented CSOs, with diverse interests, but all having a common vision of a ‘Healthy Kenyan Society’.