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The African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) is a non‐profit, non‐governmental organization (NGO) established in June 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya by a group of accomplished African researchers and academicians. The Institute’s main focus is on implementing evidence-based programming, conducting research, training and advocacy on health and development issues that are contextually relevant to Kenya and the African continent. In partnership with local, national, regional and international partners, the Institute seeks to influence policy formulation on key development issues including health, social protection, poverty alleviation, gender, nutrition, and health promotion. Over the last thirteen years, the Institute has been involved in health and development activities in various capacities in various African countries including Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.

To accomplish its various activities, the Institute has the vision of “Working with communities for better lives through evidence‐based programming”. Pursuant to this Mission, the Institute is involved in building the capacity of community groups; facilitating resourcing from within; and in-building sustainable mechanisms in all programme activities. Funding for the Institute’s activities is sourced through competitive bidding and strategic partnerships with various organizations. In addition, AIHD is committed to building the capacity of young people to work with communities through an internship programme, ensuring a generation of trained and capable professionals in community health and development.

An Africa where people live in dignity.

Empower communities for better lives through evidence-based programming.

AIHD envisions a world in which individuals, families and communities have capacities to improve their health conditions and enhance their well-being thus the commitment: “Working with communities for better lives through evidence based programming.”

1. To empower communities to develop sustainable home-grown solutions to the challenges they face.
2. To bridge the gap between research and programming and policy.
3. To build the capacity of young people to engage in community development.
4. To engage in the formulation and implementation of health and development policies.

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